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Location: University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Completion: January 2016

General Contractor: MRC Total Build

Value: 1,000,000

Scope of Work: Working as a subcontractor to MRC Total Build we completed an extensive renovation to an existing building previously occupied by Vancouver School of Theology. New UBC user is Vancouver School of Economics (VSE). New Lecture Hall, meeting rooms, office upgrades, classrooms and computer labs are a few of the spaces that were upgraded. Scope of work included lighting / lighting control, emergency lighting, fire alarm, power systems upgrades. Conduit Infrastructure for card access / communication / audio visual were also upgraded.

Iona also has student dorms which were upgraded as well as part of this project. New floor panels and distribution work including kitchen upgrades.

UBC Henning

Hennings Building - Lecture Room 200 Renovatior

Location: University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Completion: September 2017

General Contractor: Halse-Martin Construction Ltd

Value: 250,000

Scope of Work: Working as a subcontractor we completed a complete electrical renovation to an existing lecture hall.

Complete conduit and wiring upgrade for all power systems, new lighting fixtures and lighting controls.

New panel board and feeder install, conduit run was lengthy and had to be run through existing building with minimal disruption.

The project included a tight time line as work needed to be completed during the summer break, which brings the challenges of ordering and receiving long lead time items (lighting fixtures) with enough time to install.

UBC Life Sciences

Life Science Center – High Plume VFD Project

Location: University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Completion: Sept 2015

Value: 350,000 

Scope of Work: Working as a prime contractor we performed this complex Variable Frequency Drive motor control work for the Life Sciences Centre- High Plume system. Project involved installing new drives / ground bushings and wiring on existing high plume exhaust motors which service the exhaust hood for the labs throughout the building. Careful planning of work had to be coordinated and performed from beginning to end as to the hazardous air and need for the system to have minimal shutdowns. Work was undertaken in very short timeframes under complex / enclosed working conditions.

As the motors are installed in the high plume cones could not be removed easily, we came up with a scaffolding system, confined space safety program, air breathing system, and removal system for our personnel. The work performed was similar to ocean diving in an exhaust duct.

All new VFDs needed new control conduit / wiring completed on roof with rigid conduit.

Notre Dame Senior Secondary School

Notre Dame Senior Secondary School – Infill Project

Location: Vancouver, BC

Completion: April 2015

General Contractor: Gauvin Construction Ltd

Value: $300,000

Scope of Work: Working as a subcontractor to Gauvin Construction Ltd we completed electrical to a new infill building on an existing senior secondary school. Work included new panels / feeder cables, lighting fixtures and controls to new general teaching classrooms, food / cooking classrooms, cafeteria and gym area.

Douglas T Kenny Building

Douglas T Kenny Building – Mechanical Upgrade

Location: University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Completion: October 2018

General Contractor: Division 15 Mechanical Ltd

Value: 250,000

Scope of Work: Working as a subcontractor we completed a mechanical wiring upgrade throughout the building. Ceilings were removed for the install of a new ventilation system which included removal and re-installation of all electrical in ceilings spaces.

Project included the supply & install of a new back up generator, automatic transfer switch and ion meter installation. The install of the generator into the building took special coordination and planning due to the space restrictions in the existing site conditions.

Museum of Anthropology

Museum of Anthropology – Masterworks Gallery

Location: University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Completion: May 2017

General Contractor: Holaco Construction Ltd

Value: 350,000

Scope of Work: Working as a subcontractor to Holaco Construction we completed a complete electrical renovation to an art gallery room. This gallery houses historical Indigenous artifacts. The focal point on this project was the lighting application which luminates the artwork.  The lighting was designed to mimic the ever changing natural exterior light.  Steele Electric is proud to have worked with all parties including the design team / UBC Project Services / UBC MOA staff / Holaco Construction.

UBC Koerner Building

UBC Koerner Building – 7th Floor Renovations to the Presidents Offices

Owner/Client: UBC Project Services

General Contractor: Holaco Construction Ltd.

Value: $140,000

Scope: Renovation to entire 7th Floor for new offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms, waiting areas and lunch room. New LED energy efficient lighting fixtures & new power distribution throughout. Communication / Audio Visual conduit infrastructure.

UBC Koerner

Cascades Casino Parkade lighting upgrade with daylight harvesting. This projects helps to power 22 homes for an entire year! From design, implementation, securing rebate funding from BC hydro, we take pride in our work while providing customers with the best service and value on every project regardless of size.

Exterior 2

Casino Exterior Lighting Upgrade

Cascades Casino Exterior Lighting Upgrade (Power Smart Upgrade)

Owner/Client: Gateway Casinos & Entertainment

Value: $75,000

Scope: Complete exterior site lighting & convention area upgrade to reduce energy consumption, improve lighting levels and reduce maintenance costs in the future. Supply & Install Douglas Lighting Control System.

Casion Exterior

Olympic Dining Hall

Olympic Dining Hall Vancouver & Whistler

Owner/Client: PKL Group

Value: $850,000

Scope: Provide Design & Install of Power to 2 Temporary Dining Facilities for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Supply & Install distribution transformers & panels to power kitchens / coolers to feed athletes and workers for the games.

Olympic Hall

Grand Villa Casino


Grand Villa Casino – Personas Tapas Restaurant & Lounge / The Buffet

Owner/Client: Gateway Casinos & Entertainment

General Contractor: Inline Construction Ltd.

Value: $350,000

Scope: Renovation to existing restaurant & kitchen. New buffet and tapa’s kitchen. New LED Lighting fixtures, and power distribution.


Grand Villa Casino – Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Owner/Client: Gateway Casinos & Entertainment

Value: $25,000

Scope: Supply & Install Electric Vehicle charging Stations including power distribution & wiring.